Why are ISO Standards So Important?

Why are ISO Standards So Important


As we all know, the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, is the one that sets the standards to guarantee the safety, security, and quality of the goods, products, and logistical technologies. But have you ever asked yourself why these standards exist? Why are they so important to each product and why are they so emphasized in the market?

Think of it this way: The products we enjoy have been tested for their guarantee of safety and quality. For instance, our digital or mobile devices; how are we so sure and certain that we are safe by using them?

Moreover, how are we sure that they will not blow upon us or that they do not have any type of hazardous material to them? Plus, what about the vulnerable members of society, how do we ensure their safety?

This is because there are standards that have been set in place to make sure that these risks never happen or are significantly reduced, at least. Let us take a more in-depth look as to why these International Standards are important.

Good Regulatory Framework

Because of the standards that have been published and reinforced by the International Organization for Standardization, a better regulatory framework has been observed in businesses – may they be small or big. Moreover, a better regulatory framework means better business.

The reason why ISO standards are so important is due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Any size or sector of the business industry may benefit from a good regulatory framework because adherence to ISO standards means that their products and logistic technologies have been tested and reviewed for their quality.
  • Consumers gain confidence from the products they will purchase due to this reason.
  • The reduction is of costs or expenses respective to every aspect of the business due to the consistent enhancement and improvement of standards of the ISO.
  • The market is accessible to the world.

Product Safety and Global Market

With a standard regulatory framework being followed, the global supply chain will not have any difficulties with the trading of manufactured goods, products, and technologies. Moreover, the International Standards that have been published by the organization cover each scope of product safety such as the procedures for any product return or recall, food safety, cross-border trade, any products used by children as well as product safety guidance for suppliers and consumers.

Vulnerable members of society are protected as well with ISO standards, products have already been reviewed to be safe for older people and persons with disabilities prior to its release. This is one of the organization’s top priorities in its standards.

In addition, the standard setting-body as well as societal issues take ethical claims very seriously. Products that have undergone their standards have been approved and labeled to be safe, healthy, and ecological. There are also other standards that assert one’s social responsibility and environmental management as well as social security to help the communities that live in areas that deal with natural disasters or calamities.